Peppers and Future Fossils

September 21, 2011

photo by Nathaniel Hamilton/For NewsWorks, WHYY

Colorful hot peppers are part of the urban garden mix at Jenny Sabin’s greenhouse of the future.

This clever and unusual “Greenhouse and Cabinet of Future Fossils” is just one of many projects and programs being hosted by the American Philosophical Society (APS) Museum for its current exhibition, “Of Elephants and Roses: Encounters with French Natural History, 1790-1830.”

Jenny Sabin is an artist and architect who specializes in computational design. Inspired by the historic greenhouses featured in the APS Museum’s current exhibition, she created this environmentally sustainable pre-fab structure, one of five structures planned for  The Greenhouse Projects at the APS Museum.

APS: “Made of recycled and recyclable materials, the 52’-long structure has no glass and requires no heat. It is supported by curving, structural ribs that hold up 110 translucent, jewel-toned cold frames (mini-greenhouses) filled with edible and ornamental plants. The 2’ x 1’ x 1’ cold frames are removable and portable, intended for winter gardening in small urban spaces.

The “Cabinet of Future Fossils” inside the Greenhouse displays digitally produced ceramic art objects that are inspired by forms in nature. But they are not quite recognizable. Like scientists perplexed by the fossil bones of animals who lived a long time ago, Sabin wryly imagines a future era when people might be equally puzzled by these curious “fossil” remnants of the computer age.”

To learn more about this exhibit and other Greenhouse Projects, reference the APS website.

Jenny Sabin will give a lecture on  “Between Architecture, Nature and Technology: Material Analogs,” at 6 p.m. on October 20at the APS Museum, 104 S. 5th Street, Philadelphia.

Anita Mc Kelvey © 2011-2016 The Philadelphia Pepper Project


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