Feeding the Spirit

February 15, 2012

Turn on and tune in to the webcast “Feeding the Spirit: Museums, Food and Community” this Friday, February 17, from 1:45-5 p.m.

This “national potluck” is a gathering of food scholars, professionals and others who will explore how museums can promote food literacy, healthy and sustainable food services, as well as use food to build participation and strengthen community connections.

It’s every bit what the Philadelphia Pepper Project is all about.     logo

The free program is being hosted by the Center for the Future of Museums (CFM), a think tank and research and design lab to help museums transcend their traditional missions by fostering more creative programming. CFM is affiliated with the American Association of Museums.

Although the primary audience for this webinar is people who work in, and with, museums, anyone can join in the conversation, especially those who work with food, or who are involved with community health issues such as childhood nutrition and gardening.

Featured panelists on the program include Jeannette Ickovics from the Yale School of Public Health, who will talk about how museums can promote food literacy and improve community health; Elizabeth Meltz, director of food safety and sustainability for the Batali/Bastianich Hospitality Group in NYC; and, Erika Allen, Chicago and National Outreach coordinator for Growing Power. Later afternoon programming, moderated by Elizabeth Merritt from AAM, includes Ismael Calderon, director of science at Newark Museum; Jessica Harris, noted culinary historian and professor at Queens College, CUNY; and, Jane Pickering, associate director at Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.

To learn more or to register on line for the program, contact the Center here: http://futureofmuseums.org/events/lecture/webcastmenu.cfm


Anita Mc Kelvey © 2011-2016 The Philadelphia Pepper Project


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