I am a semi-retired chef who’s worked for a number of Philadelphia caterers as well as operated my own food contract business, HomeCOOKING, for many years.

Long involved in all types of community projects and programs, with a keen interest in historic preservation and ethnic and cultural heritage studies, I’ve since segued into heritage tourism consulting, helping cultural organizations develop new programs or providing value-added services to existing ones.

I’m a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, with additional post-graduate and non-credit course work in art, anthropology and archaeology, food and wine, at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, and the Culinary Institute of America. I’m currently enrolled in LaSalle University’s School of Business Non-Profit Management Certification Program.

I have numerous cultural and professional affiliations including Shareholder status at the Library Company of Philadelphia and at the Philadelphia Athenaeum, as well as memberships with the Culinary Historians of New York, and the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides.

More good stuff to come: a second blog is in development, Philadelphia RePast © 2011, which explores all facets of Philadelphia’s culinary legacy, whether it’s Native American and Afro-American foodways, the French influence that made colonial Philadelphia’s cuisine internationally renowned, plus profiles about our great culinary entrepreneurs, and about the food industrialists and manufacturers of Workshop of the World fame.

Many thanks to Joel Fry, curator at Bartram’s Garden, and to Cornelia King, chief of reference at the Library Company of Philadelphia, for their generous research assistance, advice and support on this project.

3 Responses to “About me!”

  1. pamkelp Says:

    hoping bartram’s garden will be a main support.

  2. Jovida Hill Says:

    Anita–I absolutely love the Philadelphia Pepper Project blog. Can’t wait for Philadelphia RePast to go live. Best wishes!

  3. Susan Myers Says:

    I am SO excited to actually have bought a Fish Pepper plant yesterday at the Sheep and Wool Festival, Howard County Maryland – the vendor had 20+ of these plants and I had never seen them before. A brief description told me it was a heirloom. I have now searched online and found out about the revival efforts….HOW EXCITING to be one of the revivalists…. I will definitely be saving seed from this one to plant more next year!
    Thanks for having all this kool info available. And best of luck with your project!

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